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A modern and cost effective way to promote your business!

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Create and Edit Using Your CPanel

Login to your control panel to view messages, change text and information, and update your card whenever necessary. And it can be done right from your phone. No computer or coding skills needed.

Scan QR Code

By scanning your QR Code, your clients can see your details and also then can share your QR Code to others.

Social Media Links

Your clients can follow you on your social media accounts. You can also include other areas your business by sharing your social link.

Wide Range of Template Designs

You can select various templates for your VCard and share to your clients.

Pricing And Plans

We provide various plans from which to choose so that you can design your v-card according to your requirements.

Click On Call

Anyone that views your digital card has the ability reach you by just tapping on the phone number to call!

Modern & Powerful Interface


Create Your Digital Business Card

Your digital business card functions on all devices that connect to the internet, making access to your business much more effective and efficient. A business card is an integral part of a brand’s identity as it is one of the first aspect that stays with customers. A digital card eliminates the need for old paper cards. Our cards gives you an internet presence without the costs of web design and hosting, saving you hundreds of dollars.

Use It To Expand Your Marketing

Just about everyone carries some type of mobile device, and your digital vcard only requires a scanning of your QR code for instant access to your company and its products and services. Having a digital business card provides you an with an unlimited number of scans, with an analytics
report you can view from your control panel. It's the equivalent of having an unlimited number cards at your disposal , only without the expense of purchasing paper cards.


Eliminate Printed Cards Forever

You can easily edit your digital vcard when the need to update important information arises that you can't achieve with printed business cards. No coding needed. Simply login to your Cpanel and create and edit your digital card. All this can be done right from your phone, so you don't need a computer to keep your cards' information up to date.

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